Robin Hood: The Tweeting Prince Slot

Fans of classic fairy tales will enjoy NextGen Gaming’s Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets slot. The plot has been used many times before, except this time it’s in a slot machine. Even while other virtual casinos have used similar plot devices, none compare to this one. Investigate the reasons why this fantastic tale has captured the imaginations of so many.


You undoubtedly knew about Robin Hood in the starring role if you were a child of the 80s or 90s. He is regarded a hero who helps others to handle their everyday concerns. The plot of this new game has been altered in an interesting way from the original. No longer is it a person but a bird that uses a bow and arrow to take food from the wealthy and give it to the hungry. Imagine this as a chance to go on an exciting journey while also gaining access to fantastic rewards.

You’ve probably heard of NextGen gaming if you’re a regular gambler. Many of the slot machines provide exciting bonus rounds and other game play options. Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets is an exciting online slot machine game.


The Robin Hood Prince of Tweets slot machine is a five-reel, four-row, forty-payline online casino slot game with a minimum bet of 20 coins and a maximum stake of 200 Euros. Anytime you click on the SuperBet option, the betting range transforms instantly into 1Euro to 1,000Euros as the lowest and maximum bet size correspondingly.

Finding wilds, scatters and free spin features is typical of most NextGen’s slots. However, you need to know the meanings of these symbols and the values they represent. I don’t know. The theoretical return to player (RTP) of 93.96% means that you might potentially win the jackpot of 200 coins.


Pay close attention to the finer points as you play Robin Hood Prince of Tweets for actual cash. Two main characteristics and two extra ones are one of them. Here, by repositioning Robin Hood on the third reel, often known as the arrow function, you have a fantastic chance to transform any icon on the second and fourth reel into wilds. Consider it a wild symbol that, barring scatters, may be used to substitute for any other symbol on adjacent reels.

Achieving greatness on the field requires you to assume complete command of your play. Free spins are triggered if three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the game’s five reels. The remaining information is summed up as follows:

If you get three scatters, you get fifteen spins for free.

5 scatters, 25 extra turns

More scatters mean more chances at free games. You can play SuperBets at two different levels with the limited information you have at this point. Here, you must increase your wager so that your victories are multiplied by a factor of 2.5 or 5. The video slot’s gambler feature not only ups your odds of winning but also adds an extra layer of fun.

The max superbet requirement is the game’s worst flaw. The wilds are locked behind a maximum superbet barrier. This means that the current minimum spin bet of 0.20 must be raised to 1. If you want to maximize your return to player (RTP), you should probably invest at least 0.50 every spin.

For as little as 0.20 cents a spin, you can participate in all 40 of the game’s paylines. This implies there is less money available for everyone to win. Simply told, it’s a wonderful game made by a well regarded studio.


The Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets slot machine will transport you to a magical land straight out of a storybook. It includes some wonderful cartoon characters with distinctive sound effects to fit its theme. Positions include;

Ancient fortresses

Gold coins in bags

Owls with drinks

Advertisements stating “Wanted”


It’s important to put in the work for games that people like. Although playing Robin Hood Prince of Tweets with high stakes might appear hazardous, the payout for doing so rises proportionally. That seems to be the point of gambling, doesn’t it? Consider it for a second as a means to increase the profitability of your assets. And, the narrative of the infamous robber who takes pride in serving the underprivileged at the price of his life, should be the major incentive.






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